How to Be Perfect in Everything? – A Simple Step by Step Guide

How to Be Perfect in Everything? – A Simple Step by Step Guide

Perfection isn’t something that people are born with. You learn it overtime, develop it and nurture it. There is no easy answer to “ How to be perfect in everything ”! There are certainly no steps of being perfect in everything. If you really want to be perfect in everything, here are some things that you definitely need to do:

Make a List of Things:

How to be perfect in everything
You can’t be perfect in everything if you don’t really know what everything is. The fest step of being perfect is knowing what you need to be perfect in. Make a list of everything that comes in everything. It is not going to be easy. You would have to research a lot to find almost everything in the world. From various sports to various technical fields to management and other soft skills. The list should cover everything that a human can do.

Make a List of Experts:

With the help of the list you just created, look for experts in that particular field. These people could be anyone from legendary players who have mastered each and every aspect of the game or high end scientists or researchers who are up to date with the latest advancements and developments in their particular field. They should be the best and be precisely perfect in their field.

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Choose your Game plan:

game plan

Being perfect in everything isn’t an overnight process. You really need to put in everything and maybe then you become perfect. How to be perfect in everything is something that only professionals know how to do. If you are determined enough, you need to pick one skill at a time and work your way through the lists you have just created. All you need to do is learn from the best and become the best. Beat your trainer and you know that you are the best.

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Keep Practicing:

practice makes perfect

Learning everything is obviously going to be time consuming and might take years. During this time, it is possible that you start forgetting the skills you had learnt earlier. Therefore never stop practicing what you have already mastered. The key to perfection is practice which is why people say “Practice Makes Perfect”. Make sure that the skills you have learnt don’t get overwritten by the new skills that you are learning.


Keep Trying and Never Give Up:

never give up

Always have an ‘I can do this attitude’. If the expert can be perfect at this then why can’t you. It is true that some people are better suited to do some jobs but that doesn’t mean that others can’t acquire the skills to do that job perfectly. Therefore if you fail, which you definitely will, and that too a lot of times, then you need to keep trying and never actually give up the dream.

The most important thing on how to be perfect in everything is doing everything with utmost sincerity and effort. If your effort lacks in any way, you would have to start over. Therefore, be confident and become perfect in everything.

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