My Guide to Weight Loss Techniques without Exercise

My Guide to Weight Loss Techniques without Exercise

If you are someone who is struggling for weight loss, then I sincerely hope that this guide helps you. It is not a guide, it’s my personal experience and some weight loss techniques that I used. I was never fat, but one day, I saw that I had a lot of belly fat and I thought of doing something about it. Belly fat is the biggest enemy a girl or a guy can have because it is the hardest to say goodbye to.

All of us have a number in our heads which we think should be our ideal weight. No matter how much people say, that you should embrace the way you are, we know how it really feels. None of it is true. Both guys and girls are still body shamed and judged. If you are chubby, you are called fat and if you are fat, then I can imagine the quirky sarcasm and jokes, you must have been subjected to. Shedding a few kilos will not only make you look good, but it will also make you feel good.

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Here are some of the weight loss techniques that can be useful for you:

Eating Right:

eat right

No, this is certainly not a saying which every person would tell you. It makes all the difference. As it is my personal experience, it is tried and tested. It is the junk food that you eat that contributes to your weight. You cut it out, and you start cutting down your fat. I know junk food is extremely hard to resist because it is delicious and we love it. But if you are determined and focused, then try and limit to the junk food carb to once a week. But if you are strong and want results faster, then you can limit the junk to once in two weeks.


Weight Loss Techniques without Exercise:

weight loss techniques without exercise

If you are someone who is too lazy to exercise or you have a jam packed schedule with literally no time for working out or exercise, then I suggest that you should try and indulge in some physical activities throughout your day. Like for example, you can try to stand in your leisure hours instead of sitting. Drink lots of water as it speed us your metabolism. On an average you should consume 2 to 3 litres of water on a daily basis. Try to walk more in your entire routine. All these little efforts are going to replace the time you have to make out for exercises and ensure that the body starts to burn the stored fat.


Way of Exercising:


If you want to go for some exercises then do not start with any heavy exercises from the first day itself because that is only going to tire you out. Instead start building up your stamina and gradually start pushing yourself for harder exercises. Going to a gym definitely helps and is totally worth it. The trainer at the gym is going to tell you the exercises that are going to be well suited for your body type alone. This way the exercise you do will directly reflect in your physique.

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Start the Regime with a Friend:

exercise with friend

When it comes to an effective weight loss techniques, it always displays the best results when you are in a team. You do not need a lot of friends to accompany you in this task, but a single friend with you can make a huge difference. Together, you stay motivated and focused. I started working out with a friend too and it helped. There were days when one of us would have cravings to eat junk or be lazy to go to the gym and the other would push us to do the right thing. When both of us gave in to our laziness and cravings for junk, we together made sure that we worked out a little extra, the next day.

So for those who want to carry out weight loss techniques without exercise, it is important that you indulge in some sort of physical activities and eat right. These two are the only key points you have to focus on, if you want to lose some kilos effectively. So good luck to your weight loss journey and stay strong and persistent. You would definitely overcome your insecurities regarding excess weight if you believe in yourself and follow the routine! 

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