How to Deal With Depression and Anger in Teenagers?

How to Deal With Depression and Anger in Teenagers?

The problem of depression and anger in teenagers is one of the most prominent causes of suicides. Games like the Blue Whale Challenge thrive on the vulnerable teens and end up damaging them more or worse, making them believe that killing themselves is actually a good idea. There is no valid reason to end a life and if you feel like you are under the grasp of the evil of depression and anger or you know someone who is and needs help, you need to follow these simple steps and feel positive:

Ask Yourself What Makes You Happy?


Even if everything in your life is going haywire and nothing seems right, there is always one thing that can keep you going. Always hold onto it. It can be your family, your girlfriend, your work, heck it could even be your dog. Just hold onto that happiness and never let it go. Whenever you feel depressed, just think about that happiness or do what makes you happy.


Start Feeling Confident About Yourself:


One of the major reasons of depression and anger is feeling intimidated by peers, family members, etc. You are supposed to live up to some kind of expectation but you are unable to. This doesn’t mean you are not good. This might just mean that you are good at something else.

It’s not just intimidation, it might be how the general populous has made you feel due to your race or color. All that doesn’t matter if you are capable of making the world a better place. Quoting the Pop King Michael Jackson, “It don’t matter if you’re black or white”, the visionary artist did say the truth. If you are capable in something, you have every right to showcase your skill no matter what your origins are.

People believe that putting your energy into something positive helps boosting confidence. You can always give yourself to making your body healthy and fit fast. Just find a good hobbie and feel confident about yourself.

Studies Aren’t Everything:


The most important tip that I could give you is don’t think that if you are not good at studying, you won’t be able to make it. Many legends sucked at regular school. Even the great Albert Einstein disliked school. This doesn’t mean that you have to just throw your books away. Instead of categorizing yourself as someone who doesn’t do well in school, you could try to find the root cause for it. Maybe you are better at sports or music or you excel in some subjects and because of your dislike to others, it is difficult for you to pass them.

Passing elementary studies is essential but at college level, you can always opt for the subjects you like and your grades would automatically improve.


Surround Yourself with People You Love:

people you love

If you are around people who hate you, you would obviously feel depression and anger and it is going to put you in a difficult position. You would start hating your life. At this point, you should try your best to start indulging in conversations and make friends instead of enemies. If you are an introvert personality, you can always try non-verbal ways of communications like chatting on online forums. Being alone while you are depressed would only bring you more depression.


Go See a Reputed Psychiatrist:


If the situation is out of hand and none of the above pointers are working, before you feel like there is nothing left to do in this world, go see a psychiatrist. Don’t feel that a psychiatrist is not going to help you or call you diseased or defective. These doctors actually help you figure out the root cause of depression and anger in teenagers and help you resolve those issues internally.

There are many reasons that can cause depression in teenagers. It could be because of failure in studies, or job, or it could be because signs of cheating and disloyalty in a relationship! If any depression and anger in teenagers case comes in front of you then you should ensure that you follow these steps and resolve this grave problem before it gets out of hand. Life is precious and no one should let it go to waste by committing suicide.

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