Am I an Introvert or Extrovert Personality?

Am I an Introvert or Extrovert Personality?

A personality is not just what others perceive you as, it is also the way you perceive yourself. No two people can be the same and hence there are several types of personalities that exist in this world. They may have similar traits, but if the entire personality is taken as a whole, then each person is unique. Am I an introvert or extrovert personality is the most common thing that comes to our minds when the personalities are judged or talked about. It is important to know whether you are introvert or extrovert because it is a part of being able to judge yourself and be self-aware. Here are a few factors that are going to help you answer the question:

Am I an Introvert or Extrovert Personality?


If you are someone who loves to meet new people and socialize more often, then you are an extrovert. New forms of interactions excite you and make you eagerly look forward to them. On the contrary, if you are someone who likes to hang out with close friends only and does not like going out to several gatherings and enjoy some me-time at home or just watch seasons, then you are an introvert person.

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An extrovert person is someone who wishes to take the initiative of every task. They like to be amongst the attention and be surrounded by people. They are often known to take initiative for shouldering a particular responsibility. But this does not mean that introvert people are less responsible. The only difference is that they do not take up the initiative to take up the task. But if they are given the task at their disposal, then they are going to do their best and execute the task to the best of their ability.


An extrovert person is usually rash. They act by their impulses which is not a good sign as it does not end well all the time. They like to live life on the edge and are willing to take up new challenges. On the other hand, the introvert person is very organized and calculative. They think through every action they want to do and consider the pros and cons of each. They are never impulsive and take sufficient amount of time to think about the several consequences that a particular action may cause.


An extrovert person does not like a routine. They cannot stick to doing one task again and again. Therefore, all they indulge is in short term planning. The introvert people on the other hand, try and stick to a timetable so that they are better organized and stay punctual. They tend to efficiently execute everything in the present and are far sighted.

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Being an introvert or an extrovert is not bad. These are just divisions of personality that can help you understand what type of a person you are. These traits may cause shortcomings in some people’s lives. If that’s the case then you can always try to overcome them. So if you are had been pondering over am I an introvert or extrovert personality, then the above reasons will help you to know the answer.

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