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About Us

No matter, where you are and who you are, almost everyone deals with some form of insecurity sooner or later in life. Nobody is born perfect, but the end goal of everyone is to attain perfection. Let us first understand by what insecurity is and what leads us to dealing with insecurity?

Insecurities are certain shortcomings that we feel we have to overcome. They are feelings that make us feel inhibited in some way or the other and make us think that we are not at power with others. These insecurities can pertain to a lot of things. You may either have insecurities about your physical appearances, your passion and interests, your career objectives or you may just be insecure in relationship with your family, siblings, friends or loved ones.

We are not born with insecurities, but as we evolve in this world, there are certain norms and conditions that start defining our lives as well as our lifestyles. It all starts with the parameters that a society is based on. Our surroundings begin to have profound impact on us. We start learning about what is good and bad and start evaluating ourselves on those parameters. Most people that surround us start guiding us and making us believe that there are certain flaws that we have which ought to be overcome. They try to make us into a best version according to their likes. Once we fall into this trap, we start to develop certain insecurities because we get ourselves into a state of mind where we do not want to change, but we feel we will not be loved or welcomed by anyone if we don’t.

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Our blog, insecurite.net is aimed at helping all those who are dealing with insecurities and trust issues and are insecure in relationship for no reason. We are here to identify the most common types of insecurities that are faced by people generally, so that we can come up with a solution that is going to help out a large number of people. We offer you tips, suggestions and advice that are extremely easy to implement. These solutions are going to ensure that they are effective for a longer term. We have broadly classified the most common types of insecurities in five categories.

The first category is depression. Almost everyone these days is trying to cope up with depression and anxiety. From celebrities to common people, people are now getting more aware of depression and confronting this issue with a determination to eradicate it. With a rise in competition and rivalry, the fear of failure is so overwhelming that it gives rise to depression and feeling of low confidence. We offer you some simple tips that are going to help you win back your lost confidence and get you back on your track with a happy and cheerful vibe.

The second category is health. Here we discuss all the insecurities that you may have about your health. In the race towards getting a good paycheck, our health often takes a toll. You may have all the money in this world and the best of relationships, but if you do not have a good health, then you will not be able to reap the benefits of either money or relationship. We offer you some simple suggestions that will ensure that you contribute towards being healthy and fit in your daily regime, because if your health is good, then automatically you start feeling good in everything that you do.

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The third category is personality. Dealing with insecurity about personality is very common amongst people. People do not understand that every person is unique and they end up judging themselves based on the personality of others, which is really wrong. Whatever traits and characteristics that you have define and empower you. You must be proud of your qualities and learn your strengths and weaknesses so that you can use them to your advantage.

The fourth category is relationships. Relationships are a part of life and we certainly cannot do without them. But no matter how hard we try to make all our relationships absolutely perfect, there are always certain obstacles. We are going to ensure that you start dealing with insecurity and trust issues in a more mature way so that harmony and affection prevails over your relationships.

The last category includes all the other types of insecurities that people deal with and we have put these insecurities together in the random category.

We seriously hope that we are able to overcome your everyday struggles so that you start looking at your life in a much better perspective and feel confident and cheerful each day.

We really work hard to ensure that you get the best guidance to help you in dealing with insecurity and trust issues. Our team of two has faced each of the insecurities we talk about which is why we know how to overcome them, because we have!

Both of us got off track and ate relentlessly till we had a belly fat that looked unreal. Now to take care of this belly fat the easy way, we tried some weight loss techniques without exercise because we were lazy. Turns out there is no easy way to get fit. You have to work out some sweat or else that belly fat isn’t going to leave you.

Then we tried some exercises but those weren’t working out either! We started feeling insecure about our bodies day by day and people made fun of us. These people were our friends and family which made it even worse. But then we realised that these insults were to be taken as motivation rather than insecurities. That’s when we got the recipe of getting healthy and fit. You have to eat right and exercise right and give it time.

Transformations don’t happen overtime which is why you need to be patient. Even when you are dealing with insecurity, you have to breathe and let your mind think. Is it really worth your precious time, to worry about what other people think? The answer to that question is, no it isn’t. You are perfect in your own way and if you feel like working on yourself, you can follow our simple guides.

Meet Our Team

Dakshvir Singh Rehill

Personal Website: dakshvirrehill.com

Dakshvir Rehill

My main insecurity has always been my weight. People have called me fat since I was in class 2. At one time, even I accepted that I was fat. My weight was 106.2 KGs at one point. I decided to take control of my body and be healthy. Since, then I have been ferociously working out and eating right. Now I’m 85 KGs which is the perfect weight for my height. I feel good about myself and the only reason this happened was because I took charge. The other insecurity that I felt was about being an introvert. I recently realised that it is not bad that my personality is like this. You don’t have to feel insecure if you don’t like to socialize. It’s just your own choice! Our blog contains tons of stuff that introverts are better at as compared to extroverts. You should definitely check them out.

Devanshika Ghosh

Personal Website: devanshikaghosh.sjnr.in

Relationships form an integral part of our lives and I have always given them the foremost importance. I was cheated in a relationship and that was the time I started having many insecurities about me. All I could think about was am i not pretty enough or what did I do to let this happen! My insecurities had got me so paranoid that somehow I had started to blame myself for everything. But now I have surpassed that situation and understood that our insecurities make us weak. Life is full of surprises and we should embrace them with a strong heart.


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