insecure in relationship
Insecurities is one of those words which all of us are quite familiar with. This word keeps springing up in our lives from time to time and keeps screwing it for no reason at all. Nobody likes to have these insecurities. Without our realisation, they start creeping within us and ruin every good thing that we have. We get insecure in relationship very easily. These insecurities are like parasites that feed on us and deprive us of our love, joy and happiness.

Though one thing is for sure that almost every individual who resides on this planet, has some insecurity, the essence of this insecurity is different for different people and not many people are comfortable about opening up about their insecurities.

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Maybe their insecurity is to hide their insecurity from others. It is totally weird and does not make sense, but that is precisely how you can describe insecurities. They are these silly notions that we have in our heads which have been either reinforced on us because of society, family, friends and the judgement that prevails or it is the work of an idle brain.

insecure in relationship for no reason

It can start as a mere thought, but due to external factors, this thought starts to become deep rooted and then gradually it takes the form of insecurities. Just like the essence, the cause of insecurities is also different for different people, but usually it is based on the judgement of others.

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We start fearing about the fact that we are going to get judged by people and will not be acceptable to them in the way we are. Thus, we start getting thoughts in our heads that we have certain shortcomings which are acting as obstacles and thus you develop certain forms of insecurities.

There are a variety of insecurities that people come across. Some people have insecurities about the way they look. Some people have insecurities about the facial features, physical appearances, complexion, body type and physique. Growing up in a rigid society where there are certain parameters and levels of being called beautiful can be intimidating.

But ask yourself this, who set those parameters and defined them? There is no definite answer. All of these fables and myths have been originated from the whims and fancies of people that reside in the society. So what if you are chubby and fat? You must be looking way more adorable than most skinny guys and girls.

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If you are insecure in relationship and feel that your loved one is losing interest in you, then before you start jumping into conclusions, it is strongly recommended that you think with a clear head. If your loved one is judging you on the basis of the way you look, then it is not love at all.

Beauty is going to perish one day, but the bond of care, trust and affection is eternal. Talking to your partner about these feelings can definitely help because you certainly would not want to repent later that you were insecure in relationship for no reason.

Some people have insecurities about their personalities. They think that they are often lonely and people do not like hanging out with them because they have flaws that they cannot amend. They are afraid of losing their loved ones that they form a defense mechanism which is often a cause of their unhappiness rather than happiness.


The most common example of these personality traits can be seen in relationships. These insecurities render us brainless and we stop putting thought into our actions. They keep getting us insecure in relationship for no reason. This is the root cause of why most relationships snap.

Some people develop insecurities about their career. The world that we live in is getting more competitive than it ever was and it can be said with conviction that, nobody is happy about it. It has become necessary to put in labour and hard work, if you want to achieve something in life, but most people often give up and make way for insecurities.

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They start comparing their achievements with those around them and start criticising themselves. On the other hand, it is action and a plan that is required for the turn of events and transform every dream into a reality and achieve career up to your satisfaction.

How to deal with insecurities?

Insecurities can be hard to deal with it, but it is certainly possible to overcome and combat them. Doing this would ensure that they never come back to us in the long run. There are primarily two things that can make this happen and they are dependent on one another. The first is having the right outlook towards life and second is confidence.

If you have the right outlook towards life, then no one can demean you for anything. This includes your skin tone, physique or the way you look. So the better you think about yourself, the better you are going to feel. You do not have to compare yourself with a celebrity. Even they do not wake up looking like they do. They spend hours and crazy money on it and then of course, you have Photoshop.

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Confidence is Important

The second most important thing is confident and the will to be successful. If you are determined to do something, then there should be no backing up. You must overcome your laziness, fatigue, distraction. It is the only way to gain focus and accomplish tasks and plans. Keep small goals for you and start aiming to achieve them. You will see for yourself completing these goals on time would make you feel confident. Better confidence is going to yield better results.

The bottom line is that insecurities arise because the people believe that the grass is greener on the other side. But this is not true. The traits that you are endowed with define your personality and make you unique. You must learn to appreciate every inch of you. Even Bruno Mars said, “You are amazing, just the way you are.”

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